That stack of monthly bills is painful enough. The least
we can do is make paying them simple, fast, and secure.
Start paying your bills online and you can stop writing
checks, stuffing envelopes, buying stamps, looking for
a mail box, and hoping your payments arrive by the due

With our sophisticated online bill payment solution -
which is available on our First NetTeller site - you can
pay your bills online 24/7/365. You can make one-time
and recurring payments. You can pay any individual or business in the U.S. You can schedule each payment.
You can avoid late payments and fees and the impact
on your credit rating. And you can do all this by just
pointing, clicking, and paying.

 Business Accounts: First 90 days free. $4.95 per month
after first 20 transactions, each transaction thereafter will
be charged at the current 1st class postage rate (calculated
as a soft charge as part of an account analysis fee). Per transaction fee will increase 1st class postage without notification.

To view the Bill Payment user guide, click here!





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